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Epic tools for EMBODIED SEXUAL
MASTERY and Lasting Love

Do you have a hunger inside? Do you have a feeling that there is so much more to you, your sexuality and your ability to feel fully alive and fully met? Are you willing to invest what it takes and to to achieve the results that you will both feel the impact of and be grateful for for the rest of your life? Are you ready to take control of your sexuality to craft a reality in alignment with your deepest goals and desires?
Then you are in the right place. This is my area of expertise, and I’d be delighted to guide you on this powerful, stunning and transformational path of awakening, expansion and liberation.

So much of what I do is about guiding
people to the truth of who and what
you are. You are nothing short of God

I will show you how to develop a deep and lifelong relationship to your body – physical, mental, emotional, primal, spiritual and energetic, and to learn how to take all of these layers of yourself into your relationships to be met by another. I will help you to expand your range of understanding of what it means to be human. I will help you to know, love and express all of who you are on your path to sexual and relational thriving, and ultimate self actualization.
Your emotions are intelligent. I will help you to both understand them and to gain the ability to choose which ones to empower.

To know is to love. When you move towards greater self knowledge and self love, this is manifest in all areas of your life. You will make better life and relational choices, reach higher, have stronger boundaries and share yourself more authentically to cultivate true intimacy.

The tools that I share
will blow your mind.

We will work with all parts of you. We will both resource and integrate them, and help them to work together so that all of you is moving towards your deepest goals and desires in alignment with your core values.
This method is backed by science. Over and over again I support you in developing new neural pathways so that you can orient yourself towards your highest vision. This way of looking at yourself and crafting of your life will become a permanent shift and your new way of being. Welcome to the world where you get to craft your reality and live your dreams.

And that’s not all... Almost all of my clients report that the effects of our work together can be felt in all areas of their life. They feel more confident and at ease in both their business and personal lives. They are earning more money. They know what they want from life and they can feel that they are moving towards it in all arenas. I see the changes in their faces. With time, they relax more and drop into their bodies. They have much greater access to their emotions and their capacity to love and connect with others.

Each package is tailor made to you! Depending on the experience that you would like to call in, here are some of the elements that you might expect to be covered in your journey:

Setting goals so clearly that you can see and feel them getting closer and coming to fruition

Breaking free from limiting beliefs and manifesting all that you desire in the arenas of sex, love and relationships. Here you can also learn and experience Sex Magic.

Using Self Pleasure to meet, know and fall in love with your body like never before. Discover how to move and expand your sexual energy, pleasure, turn on and orgasm to the full body. Become able to control when and if you ejaculate, and how to have stronger erections. Adore your naked body and dissolve sexual shame.

Discovering how to be the best lover your partner has ever had - male or female.

Gaining mastery over your inner landscape.

Cultivating true intimacy and learning powerful and easily accessible tools for conscious communication.

Becoming more magnetic and confident

6 Week Immersion


Epic Sex, True Intimacy and Deep Pleasure

Unlock your Full Power and Sexual Potential

3 Month Immersion



Ecstatic Pleasure. Real love. Define your ideal vision and see the results in your everyday life. My most popular package.




Are you ready to fully self actualize and to thrive? Let’s go!
Here you get to go deep. By taking the extra time, you get to move through all that might hold you back from living your best life. Once these blocks are removed, the sky is the limit! By meeting all of yourself, you will have the capacity to share and be met in all of your being. By knowing and creating with your soul consciousness, you will craft the life that’s in alignment with the highest and best vision of you.


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